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By visiting the belfry from top to bottom, you dive in the life of the town since the Middle Ages.. Only a hundred steps .... and you reach the terrace where you'll have a unique perspective on the city !!!!!!

Time for Remembrance and return to peace : Follow the poppies and set off to explore the 12 stages of the Circuit of Remembrance to honor the memory of the soldiers who died here during the first world war ! You can even download the audioguide for free...

I am a majestic and elegant lady. My favorite dress is made of stone lace. I am old and very famous. A lot of admirers from all over the world come and visit me every day. Who am I ?

W-Week - 3 ! Our American friends sent us two pictures ! We are looking forward to meeting them ! Vote for the picture you prefer ! We will send them ours as well ! The "silly" one ! OR the nice "one" ?

Step 1 : Who am I ? J’ai vécu à Amiens de 1882 à 1900. 700 de mes livres ou objets sont exposés dans ma maison amiénoise. Mon œuvre se lit sur toute la planète. Je suis l’auteur des « Voyages extraordinaires ». Alors, alors, qui suis-je ?