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Publié par IFRANCOIS

Pre-arrival meeting

A pre-arrival meeting with the parents is planned on Thursday 31st. You will discover which activities the Americans will do in France. You will also get pieces of information about the ESTA visa or the flight itineraries : the American AND the French ones. Hope to see you soon !

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CVelay 20/02/2013 11:39

hope too !

Romain Bideaux 12/02/2013 18:57

Lucky pupils........

. 27/04/2014 17:18

Love u too...

IFRANCOIS 26/03/2014 22:57

Lien avec le blog ?

Ancienne Elève 23/03/2014 18:45

I love you Romain <3

IFRANCOIS 17/02/2013 11:58

and teachers as well ! We hope this experience will be the perfect one !